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Disease Prevention Products

You need a Disease Prevention product to:

  • Prevent vicious disease attacks
  • Increase plant strength prior to disease pressure
  • Use preventative nutrition to work with fungicides
  • Ensure fast recovery from disease attack

Floradox Pro is specifically designed to help the plants prepare for stress, and disease attack. Floradox Pro helps the plant provide a defence barrier, through defensive and recuperative proteins. These defence proteins are key to a plant's ability to withstand stress, heal wounds, and recover from injury.

The components in Floradox Pro can also enhance the root system, and increase plant strength.

Used together with Turgor, P K Fight, Protesyn.

Perfect disease prevention.

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Protesyn is a liquid organic complex designed to enhance completion of the photosynthetic process in turf grass.

Protesyn provides complete amino acids, proteins, simple and complex carbohydrates (sugars), and essential turf vitamins. When turf is under stress it is busy using energy trying not to die! Protesyn uses all of the above to keep the plant alive.

Perfect for use in shaded areas, spring and autumn, it also helps the plant regulate nitrogen up-take.

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Perk-Up Biostimulant is specifically designed to reduce respiration stress, heat, wilt, from drought and summer heat. It is a vital product for cool season grasses particularly the bents and POA's.

Used as a supplement to support the overall nutritional program. Perk-Up is the perfect product if your plants are in the middle of a marathon.

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By applying Turgor to the leaf or crown area of turf grass, this massively reinforces the internal strength of sports turf.

Turgor cements the plant cells together. 

This provides improved mowing cut, ball speed, wear tolerance, pitch marks, draught / heat stress resistance, disease resistance, and nematode attack.

Used on its own or as a supplement to support the overall nutritional program. Turgor is invaluable in disease reduction, and maintaining turf quality all year round.

Turgor is the only silicone based product which increases internal plant strength.

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P K Fight is the only product of its type to use stabilised phosphite, immediately providing a source of energy which enhances the plants natural defense mechanisms. Phosphite ions have a direct fungitoxic effect on certain plant pathogens.

P K Fight allows the plant to get on with its job, and supplies a boost of energy.

Used together with Floradox Pro, Turgor, Protesyn.

Perfect disease prevention.

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