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Granular Fertilisers

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A comprehensive range of both organic and synthetic fertilisers.  We can even tailor make a bespoke solution for you.

The Andersons

Please find our range of Granular Fertilisers below. If you need help at any time call us 01765 658021 or send us an email.

NUTRI DG GREENS - SGN 75 For Greens & TeesSGNkg
6+0+12 All quick release N, 5% Mn, 2% Mg, with ProactinFast dispersing, perfect spring start for greens7520
15.0.15/50% Mutech, 0.3% Fe, 0.5% MnTo follow the spring start for even growth in summer7520
13.0.26/100% MutechEven Summer Growth with controlled release7520
9.0.18/65% Mutech/35% Urea, 0.3%Fe, 6%MnEven Summer Growth7520
TEE TIME - Blended SGN 100 Fertilisers for Greens & Tees  
8+0+16/100% AS, 2% Fe, 3% MG, 5% MnFor a fast start on tees and greens10020
14+0+9/50% AS, 4% Ca, 2% Mg, 1% Fe, with ProactinFor tees and greens which require more of a kick10020
14.28.10/50% Mutech/50% Urea, 1%Fe, 0.1% Mn, 0.1% Zn, 0.1% CuFor tees and greens which require more of a kick10020
19+5+19/25% Mutech, 2% Fe, 0.1% Mn, 0.1% Zn, 0.1% CuExcellent spring/summer feed with micronutrients10020
SGN 125 Fertiliser for Greens, Tees, Fairways & Sports Fields  
25.5.15/50% MUtech/50% Urea, 1% Fe, 0.1% Mn, 0.1% Zn, 0.1% CuFor high end sports turf with controlled release12520
16.4.8/100% Ammonium SulphateFor high end sports turf with AS12520
0+0+30/KS04, 3% Fe, 0.1% Mn, 0.1% ZN, 0.1% Cu For stressed turf and autumn / winter preparation10020
PolySports Mini Blended SGN 150  
23.2.10 65% NS52/35% Urea, K Sulphate, 5% FeFor tees, approaches, sports pitches15020
POLY SPORTS - Blended SGN 215-240 Fertilisers for Fairways  
28+3+10/50% NS-52, KCIFor fairways, roughs, sports pitches, good longevity21520
Ceramic Granules Pro Choice P100  
-Increase CEC, Oxygen and nutrient retention10022.67
Kelly's Limestone  
-Limestone for autumn / winter use10022.7
A Mined Mineral made into a capsulated pellets for fine sports turfDolomitic or Calcitic Limestone for autumn / winter use10022.7

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