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Ninja and Samurai Tines

Ninja tines are now available to customers in the UK and Europe from Agronomic Services Ltd. These superior quality tines are precision tool engineered specifically for golf course putting greens. The tines are machined from a single piece of the finest Japanese steel. The one-piece construction and design, offers exceptional reliability and longevity.

In order to achieve high durability, the balance of the hardness and the toughness is extremely important. Toughness of the metal is gained through the quenching process. More frequent tempering and quenching, will lower the hardness of the metal. This unique technique is derived from the traditional method to manufacture Japanese swords.

Specific to Ninja Tines are their unique shape, with dual tips that wear evenly and have proven extremely durable. The record for number of greens currently stands at 90!

Unlike a traditional coring tine, which is driven deep to fracture the soil and create pathways for water movement, Ninja tines were designed to work in the organic layer to a maximum of 35mm in depth. By removing up to 35mm, this means that greens are immediately available for play.

The advantage with a micro-core aeration tine, is the minimal stress to the turf and minimal surface disruption. You can tine like a Ninja and your golfers will never know you were there!

Measuring a mere 7mm in diameter for the standard or 9mm for the XL.

Core diameter on the tine is only 4mm or 6mm for the XL. Length 110mm. The tines require a 9.5mm mounting block from all equipment manufacturers.

Recommended Setup for Toro ProCore 648

  • Quad Tine Head (2 x 5) 5 tines per block x 6 blocks = 30 tines
  • Quad Tine Head (1 x 6) 6 tines per block x 6 blocks = 36 tines
  • Quad Tine Head (2 x 5) 10 tines per block x 6 blocks = 60 tines

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