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Root Developers


Root Development, resistance, improved crop quality
OSIRYL root development stimulator is part of our approach to achieve better production with respect for crop quality and for the environment. The development of a good, stress resistant root system is an essential factor: it facilitates substratum colonisation (soil and crop supports) and allows to optimize moisture and mineral absorption while protecting soils and aquifers.

OSIRYL activates the protection of auxins which significantly increase the development of the root system (+25% to +70%). This is beneficial to crops restart and resistance as well as their perennation whenever they are in stress situation.

Astron Biostimulant is specifically designed to develop, and enhance the root system, increase plant strength, health, and stress from diseases, and nematodes.

Used as a supplement to support the overall nutritional program. Astron is invaluable in maintaining turf quality all year round. Fortified with specifically formulated kelp.

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