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Soil Conditioners/ Improvers

You need a Soil Conditioner to:

  • Improve soil structure
  • Provide a food source for beneficial microbes
  • Improve nutrient availability / up-take
  • Improve the efficiency of your fertiliser

Calphlex is a highly effective specially formulated calcium product designed to convert insoluble calcium to a soluble and therefore usable form. Calphlex is also used to clean and flush undesirables from the rootzone, such as sodium, bicarbonates, and any nutrients which are in excess.

There is nothing like Calphlex in the world.

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Eon Bio is 100% organic and contains the highest concentrations of soluble Humic Acids available. The Humic Acids contained in Eon Bio are the most biologically active and plant stimulatory known. It is a “Time Capsule” release of fresh Humic Acids with every irrigation and rain throughout the entire year.

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Maxiplex is a concentrated 20% liquid humic acid product that decreases soil nutrient tie-ups, effectively increasing nutrient availability.

Maxiplex is the perfect carbon food source for beneficial microbes. Used in conjunction with Oxy-Rush the soil efficiency will be greatly enhanced providing the roots with more available nutrition.

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Thatch Buster accelerates the decomposition of cellulose, using a concentrated mixture of naturally occurring enzymes.

Thatch Buster will produce an even breakdown of thatch. Used in conjunction with Oxy-Rush the soil biology and microbial life will be in great condition, providing the roots with good aeration, and in turn more available nutrition. Requiring less nitrogen applications.

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Trical 35-SP is the highest concentration of soluble calcium available.

Your grass plants need small regular amounts of available calcium. There may be good levels of calcium in the soil, but not in a soluble and available form.

This is the perfect product to increase the strength of the crown and root area of grass plants, producing strong cells, more resistant to pathogen and nematode attack.

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By applying Turgor to the leaf or crown area of turf grass, this massively reinforces the internal strength of sports turf.

Turgor cements the plant cells together. 

This provides improved mowing cut, ball speed, wear tolerance, pitch marks, draught / heat stress resistance, disease resistance, and nematode attack.

Used on its own or as a supplement to support the overall nutritional program. Turgor is invaluable in disease reduction, and maintaining turf quality all year round.

Turgor is the only silicone based product which increases internal plant strength.

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