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Specialist Products

  • Concentrated ‘twin mode of action’ formulation lasting up to 3 weeks
  • Prevents dew formation
  • Reduces time consuming, labour intensive operations
  • Less dew equals drier surfaces and disease reduction
  • Speedy recovery from frost 
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Provides all the necessary antioxidants and flavonoids to protect the grass from harmful UV radiation light and disease pressure during stressful periods of the year.

Produces a strong, green sward, which increases plant energy and canopy temperature, therefore improving photosynthesis during winter and the early spring months.

Green – Screen can be applied with Agronomic’s and Floratine foliar nutrition.

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HumWet ® G is a humic and fulvic acid infused granular soil surfactant, created for use by sports turf professionals to treat dry patch.

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  • Reduces plant and parasitic nematode counts to non damaging levels
  • There is no phytotoxicity on turf grass
  • NEMA-GO is safe for application, safe for players and safe for the environment
  • No limit on frequency of application
  • NEMA-GO is designed for turf managers to improve root systems 
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